The Interactive Lecture... Delivery Part 2

A few years ago I studied Classroom Presenter 3 and wrote my masters thesis on tech enhanced interactive lectures. CP3 is an amazing piece of open source software that creates a dynamic interactive student centered conversation in the classroom and in my opinion would make a killer app for the iPad (anyone want to develop it?) The incredible thing about CP3 is that it takes a teacher centered static powerpoint and allows for student input, instant feedback, and an ability to diverge from the linear path of a ppt slide show.

I mention this because video lectures are the foundation of flipped instruction, a style of instruction that I am very fond of and feel compelled to pursue in light of 1:1 iPads. In addition, I am keenly aware of how, like powerpoint, video lectures run the risk of creating a non interactive didactic teacher centered delivery.

This forces many questions. How does a video become interactive? Should video lessons just be explorations that ask questions? Is it best practice to use video to guide students through notes and example problems? How do you ensure students are listening to the lecture and not just copying notes? Are there editing tricks or guided note tricks that make a video more interactive and increase student participation?

Being a math teacher I want my students to see mathematical relationships, recognize mathematical patterns, and learn properties of shapes, functions, and graphs. However, I also recognize that it is important to model problem solving techniques by providing examples that the teacher walks through.

So where does that leave me? As of today I think I am somewhere in the middle of all this. My notes require students to answer questions based off what was said in the video but they also contain examples some completed for them others only partially completed. Here is a sample of where I am at with my vodcasting I like to call em Mathflix. I don't have an allusions of grandeur thinking that I can offer subscriptions for $7.99/month I just thought it was a fun name.

I am interested in your thoughts on how to make videos interactive. Feel free to leave your comments.

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