iOS6 and Google Drive make it easy for student to submit work.

Before the release of iOS6 and the new version of Google Drive there were very options for teacher-student workflow and assignment collection.  Now teachers will no longer need to create special labels and filters for their students to email in their work.

With Google Drives new app teachers and students can create and share documents with a just a few taps. In addition, new features of iOS6 allow learning management systems such as Edmodo to grab files from the camera roll of the iPad right in Safari. In the past we have used Edmodo's app for uploading and Edmodo in safari for downloading.  Ahh!, now Edmodo from Safari will accomplish it all.

Below are two brief tutorials outlining the steps that allow teacher and student workflow to totally exist in the cloud...making the planet yet a greener place and the classroom teacher a happier person.

Submitting student work through Google Drive on the iPad

Submitting student work in Edmodo from Safari on the iPad.

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